COVID-19 Resources

An alphabetical list of resources which provide information on COVID-19.
imageThe links below provide a wealth of information regarding COVID-19.  Additional resources, such as phone numbers, videos, a screening tool, and instructions for making masks are also provided below.

Read our Phase 2 re-opening plan, effective starting with our June 21, 2020 services.  For reference, here is our Phase 1 re-opening plan, now no longer in effect.

Looking for COVID-19 Vaccination Information
Please note:  The church office does not have information about the COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

New Articles

COVID-19 Vaccines: Myth Versus Fact
The Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response reviews some common myths circulating about the vaccine and clear up confusion with reliable facts.

WebMD:  Why COVID Vaccines are Falsely Linked to Infertility
This article discusses the origins of this concern and how it has been resolved.


CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our government's top infectious disease authority.  This section of their site provides the latest information and guidance, and it is updated regularly.

CDC - Updated Guidance for Communities of Faith
CDC offers the following general considerations to help communities of faith discern how best to practice their beliefs while keeping their staff and congregations safe.

CISA - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Department of Homeland Security

This website provides additional information about protecting yourself against cyber threats online, especially during the pandemic.  There has been a 600% increase in cyber threats since the pandemic started.


Developed by a Standford physician, epidemiologists, and data scientists, this state-by-state model helps provide guidance for policy setting by government and healthcare leaders.  The numbers do not predict the future, but are intended to be directional in nature.

Coronavirus Rumor Control

Make sure you are getting - and sharing - truthful and factual information.

How Well Do Masks Work to Stop COVID-19?
This video uses an advanced imaging technique called schlieren visualization to show you why masks work.

Interactive Coronavirus Tracker Map
Provided by and IBM Watson

Select a county on the map to track coronavirus cases, deaths, and other COVID-19 information for that location.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Map
Johns Hopkins experts are aggregating data from multiple credible sources to track the spread of COVID-19. Map data is updated in near real-time throughout the day.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Statewide resources, test results, news, and information for all Missourians.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson
This is the website of Missouri's governor, including his latest "Stay Home Missouri" order to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Phelps County Focus

Local news regarding COVID-19 from Phelps County Focus.

Phelps Health

Lots of local information on COVID-19 including links to additional resources.

Phelps-Maries County Health Department

Current information at the county level regarding aggregate test results in our counties and related information.

Stay Home Missouri - Frequently asked questions.
Some additional clarity on essential businesses and guidance on our stay at home order.

The Risks - Know them - Avoid them
This widely shared article by Dr. Erin Bromage of Dartmouth University provides some valuable and understandable information about COVID-19 risks in various situations.

WHO - World Health Organization

The international perspective and guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here are some additional resources regarding COVID-19.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
24-hour Coronavirus Hotline

Sew and no-sew masks patterns, and how to properly wear a cloth mask
This CDC page shows how to sew a cloth mask, or make one without sewing.  Provided masks are two-ply, these are approved by the Infection Prevention Department at Phelps Health for use at their facilities.  Here is a very good video on how to sew this mask following the CDC pattern.  Handy tip:  Fold a pipe cleaner in half and slide it in the middle of the top seam of the mask.  This will allow you to form the mask over your nose for a better fit, and it will help to keep your glasses from fogging.

Apple and CDC Screening Tool
This is also available as a free app on the Apple App Store.

Exponential growth and epidemics
This video provides a good understanding of what exponential growth looks like in an epidemic.  While it is somewhat math oriented, the presenter does a good job of conveying important information regarding the pandemic.

Simulating an Epidemic
Excellent video to help illustrate how our different behavior patterns can affect the outcome of the pandemic.

COVID-19:  The Exponential Power of Now
Professor Nicholas Jewell, University of California at Berkeley shares some very good information and research about this pandemic.

What you need to know about handwashing
A great video by the CDC on proper and effective handwashing.