How to...

Some guides to developing your skills and growing within our church family.
imageSometimes it is helpful to get some guidance from others when we are trying to learn something new.  The guides below are intended to help you grow in your faith, develop your spiritual gifts, and continue to strengthen our church family.  If you think of an area where you would like some guidance, please be sure to contact us.  Growing is one of the keywords in our mission statement, and we encourage everyone in our church family to grow.

Public Worship

How to lead a public prayer
Here are some useful thoughts as you prepare to lead our collective hearts in prayer to God.

How to read scripture in public
This is a great guide to make sure that your reading conveys God's Word in a clear and compelling way.

How to lead congregational singing
Here are great tips and guidance on leading our congregation in signing.

Personal Growth

How to study the Bible
Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an easy way to study the Bible by yourself or with others.  This guide, written by G. Baines, describes the DBS process in detail.  We also have notes for class leaders using DBS, and a one-page DBS summary sheet that you can print and keep in your Bible.  You can also use your favorite search engine to find videos and other instructional material on DBS.

How to fast
What does the Bible say about the practice and purpose of fasting?  This lesson will give you a solid background and guidance for Biblical fasting.

How to use a concordance
A concordance is one of the most fundamental tools for Christians as they study the Bible.  This simple guide will show you how to start using a concordance.

At Home

How to prepare communion bread at home
If you find yourself at home and unable to meet with other Christians for whatever reason, here are easy instructions on how to make your own communion bread.

How to start your day
How we start our day impacts our frame of mind, our relationship with others, and our walk with God.  Make sure you start your day off right!

How to take great photos with your cell phone camera.
Here are some ideas to help you take much better cell phone pictures. Try them out!