Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community

Dr. Jerry Jones
imageJerry has been in ministry for over 60 years, including serving as one of our church family's first preachers.  He has served as a minister in local work, an elder, a traveling evangelist, and a university Bible professor.  Academically he holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate in theology.  Jerry and his wife Lynn share their collective wisdom and training through their Marriage Matters and Relationships Matter website, videos, seminars, and many articles.

In his concern for accurate biblical teaching on the subject of LGBTQ+ within the church, Jerry has thoroughly researched related materials and the Biblical texts to present comprehensive teaching on this subject. He discusses 12 Assumptions made by those in the affirming LGBTQ+ community.  This unique, interactive "audio/video book" presentation addresses these Assumptions.  To get the most from this module, we encourage you to view the brief 4-minute tutorial available on the opening page and the Resources page

This material is suitable for personal study, Bible class presentations, and small group discussions.  NOTE:  The first ten Assumptions are currently available.  The remaining Assumptions will be completed in the coming weeks.

For more information on this topic, or to contact Dr. Jerry Jones, please visit the Marriage Matters website.  If you have questions regarding the use of this online module, please contact us at study@seekgrowservelove.org.

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