Therefore we ought to support people like these...
image...that we may be fellow workers for the truth.  3 John 8. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to support these amazing famiies as they serve in countries around the world, sharing Jesus in remarkable ways.  May God bless their work, and may He bless us as we support them as fellow workers.

Mike Knappier, Gospel Chariot

Website:  https://gospelchariot.org/about
Email:  mknappier@gmail.com

Mike and Diane Knappier serve with George and Ria Funk and the rest of the Gospel Chariot team, spreading the gospel throughout Africa and Central America. They use specially equipped trucks to hold preaching and teaching events throughout the continent.

We have prepared a virtual tour of a Gospel Chariot.  To go to the tour introduction page, click here.
Manos de Amor Orphanage
Orphans Lifeline of Hope International

Website: http://www.manosdeamor.com
Website: http://www.orphanslifeline.org/
Email: casanicole2010@gmail.comontinent

Veronica is the director of Casa Hogar orphanage in Bucerius, Mexico, formed on April 13, 2004.  Here, Veronica is taking some of the younger children for a walk.  She has an incredible heart for orphan children.  Without the care these children receive, they would be abused, neglected, or dead.
Kent and Sharla Marcum
Quito School of Biblical Studies
Website: http://www.eqeb.org
Email: qsobs@cox.net

Operation Equador is the over arching effort in Equador that includes the Quito School of Biblical Studies, medical missions, village assistance efforts, and other outreach. Kent and Sharla Marcum, as well as their children (adopted son James shown here), have been growing the church in Equador for many years.

Steve Ashcraft
West Africa
Website: http://www.wetrainpreachers.com/steven-ashcraft-reports/
Email: samtnhome@yahoo.com

Steve Ashcraft serves in West Africa including the countries of Ghana and Togo. He is working to setup schools of preaching and grow churches. The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and the Bear Valley church of Christ oversee Steve's efforts in West Africa.

Michael and Sarah Rivas
Family Life Missions, Por Los Niños
Website: http://www.familylifemissions.org/

Michael, a graduate of Pepperdine law school, is the new director of Family Life Missions. Established n 1994 Family Life Missions founded "Por Los Ninos" in Catacamus, Honduras to serve orphans and abandoned children residing in the region.

Ken and Judy Kendall-Ball
Scotland, United Kingdom

Ken Kendall Ball and his wife have worked many years in South Africa, creating Bible materials used in teaching in public schools, and strengthening the church there. They have moved their work to Scotland and are now sharing the gospel there.

Tim and Rachel Wilkes
Fishers of Men

United States
Website: http://www.fishersofmen.net

The Fishers of Men Ministry began with the mission of taking the gospel to "all creation" (Mark 16:16). This would be accomplished by training brethren (Ephesians 4:11-13) in local churches to share Jesus with their friends, neighbors and relatives.

Ruel Eroma

Ruel Eroma has been sharing the gospel in the Philippines islands for many years, and we are grateful for the blessing of being able to support him in his service there. We are thankful for his faithfulness and perseverance.

Matt and Sarah Glawe
Sunset International Bible Institute
Website: http://www.sibi.cc
Email: mdglawe@hotmail.com

Matt is currently a Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) student, studying to become a minister. Matt, Sarah, and their two children will be going to Scotland for mission work in the summer of 2015.