Bible Readings

Reading plans on special topics of interest.
imageThe following are some Bible readings that you can study on your own. Start small or finish the whole Bible in one year.  We are providing these in Rich Text Format (RTF) which can be opened by any word processing software, so that you can customize your study dates and notes as you like.

Would you like a custom reading schedule built just for you? We can help you! Just contact us with your start date and what you would like to study (Old Testament, New Testament, entire Bible, or a particular topic), and we will email the study to you.

We also have online Bible studies conducted by your own teacher. If you would like to learn more about these, please click here.

Read the Bible in One Year (Genesis through Revelation)

Read the Bible in One Year (Old and New Testaments each day)

5 Days on Spiritual Growth

6 Days on Light

7 Days on Fasting

7 Days on Forgiveness

7 Days on Perseverance

10 Days on Discipleship

10 Days on Encouragement

10 Days on Friendship

10 Days on Hospitality

10 Days on Lust

10 Days on Patience

10 Days on Suffering

10 Days on Truth

10 Days on Worry

10 Psalms of Thanksgiving

14 Days on Doubt

14 Days on Generosity

14 Days on Glory

14 Days on Grief

14 Days on Holiness

14 Days on Hope

14 Days on Humility

14 Days on Pride

14 Days on Work

21 Days on Love

21 Days on Prayer

30 Days with Jesus

30 Days on Marriage

30 Days on Money