Knowing Jesus

Get to know the one who loves you most.
imageOne of our former elders, Tom Baird, has written some Bible studies on Knowing Jesus. Tom has done an outstanding job of sharing Jesus through these lessons. 

Tom has also written the lyrics for a new song for the church.  Alicia Walls at Harding has written the music.  Both the sheet music and an MP3 audio recording of the song are shared below.  We are also providing synthesized voices to learn the four part harmony, as well as a PowerPoint for your church projection system.  Thank you, Tom and Alicia!

Our Savior
PDF of sheet music
MP3 audio recording of the song
Separate synthesized parts:  Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, SATB

Knowing Jesus:  Introduction

Lesson One:  The God who became Jesus

Lesson Two:  Clues for the Jews

Lesson Three:  John, the advance man for Jesus

Lesson Four:  Earthly parents chosen for Jesus

Lesson Five:  Jesus and his earthly family

Lesson Six:  The beginning of Jesus' ministry

Lesson Seven:  To whom does Jesus relate?

Lesson Eight:  Jesus forgiving sins

Lesson Nine:  Jesus and prayer

Lesson Ten:  Jesus and contrasts

Lesson Eleven:  Jesus uses parables

Lesson Twelve:  Jesus explains his crucifixion

Lesson Thirteen:  Jesus after his arrest

Lesson Fourteen:  Jesus after his crucifixion

Lesson Fifteen:  Jesus and his helpers